Monday, April 30, 2012

Wooed by Wonder

A friend, who is a Life Coach, gave me an assignment for the next week: "Enjoy God in your everyday encounters with Him rather than setting a `daily quiet time' with Him." This assignment stemmed from a session with this friend after I asked her to help me with...well...everything. She's someone who not only knows me well, but she also knows struggle and authentic faith on an intimate level. I trust her. And I've asked her to speak truth to me. This conversation was about my struggle to spend time daily in the Word, in studying and immersing myself in God's truth. So when she gave me this assignment, I just grinned. Not because the assignment is easy, but because it's so contrary to what I've always tried to do. 

You know...

The things I'm supposed to do. Read my Bible. Pray. Have a quiet time. Those things. 

What's frustrated me most is that I LOVE the Bible. Love reading it. Hearing it. Studying it. But I've never been able to do that daily Bible study and quiet time thing. 


And I've always criticized myself for that. Told myself to grow up. To get serious and get busy. And it just. hasn't. worked. 

So here comes this wise, wise friend, and she cuts through all the condemnation, all the criticism I've heaped on myself and says, "Go. Enjoy God."



And with that, the little light goes on in my head and heart. Enjoy God. I ponder that thought, those words. And more words come...

Savor God. Embrace God. Delight. Immerse. Cherish. Luxuriate. Relish. It's a sumptuous feast of words all focused on a joyful, appreciative experience of God. 

Today I purpose to do all of the above. To experience--and enjoy--God however I encounter Him. I invite you to do the same. Throw all the shoulds and musts to the wind and simply...

Enjoy God. 



Bonnie Leon said...

Amen! I love these thoughts, Karen. I think I'll come back again tomorrow and reread these lovely, wise and helpful words.

Grace and peace to you.

Tammy Bowers said...

I missed your OCW presentation last Saturday, as I had just returned from Florida. My crit group attended and said you were fabulous. They shared lots of tidbits you had given. I wanted you to know they were very impressed and inspired by you. Thanks for sharing your God-given talents with others. May the Lord richly bless you!

Karen B. said...

Bonnie, thanks!

Tammy, sorry to miss you at OCW, but so grateful for your kind words. It means a lot to know people were blessed!


Jo Huddleston said...

Karen, your words have always blessed me and encouraged me. Thanks for sharing that your friend told you "Enjoy God in your everyday..." I love that. One thing I try to say each day to God is "Thank you for all the good things from You that I take for granted." Please don't ever stop being you.