Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm sitting here, listening to the chimes dance with the wind, hearing the deep call of our nesting morning dove couple, watching a gentle rainfall so slow and languid it's got to be Southern at its core...

Amazed by God's creation.

I've never seen rain like this. big drops that fall with haphazard glee, going in all directions at once, so gentle I almost didn't realize it was raining. The sky in front of me is bright blue, with white fluffy clouds dotted here and there. The rain isn't coming from that sky. So I turn, and there behind me, is a sky cloaked in black, dense clouds. And now I feel the wind, pushing at my face even as it tosses those big, fat, gentle raindrops around.

I'm caught in the in-between of the storm...and it's beautiful.

Life has been like this lately. Half blue sky, half dark clouds. All wonderment. God is at work, moving and working and refining. It's not easy. It's even painful and troubling at times. So why do I find myself laughing? I guess because it's all so...


Unpredictable. Untamed. And yet always, always, magnificent. Reliable. Trustworthy.

This weather I'm seeing...this wonder I'm feeling...this understanding I'm's a gift. From a Father who loves to surprise and delight.

What a good God He is.

Peace, all.


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