Friday, October 2, 2009

Beautiful Words...100 of Them!

I'm still pondering the article on being purposeful in our word choices and use. As someone who has studied other languages (French, Spanish, and Russian), I love the physicality of words.When you speak either French or Russian, your whole lower face gets a work out. It's as though you're tasting the words as well as speaking them.

Happily, English has words like that as well. Consider the following:
  • impecunious
  • circuitous
  • mellifluous
  • exsanguinate
  • ebullient
  • flummery
Words like these are not only fun to use, they're fun to say. The feel of some even reflects their meaning. Impecunious has a tight, stingy feel to it. Mellifluous rolls off the tongue. Flummery feels a bit foolish as it escapes you.

I was trolling the internet, just looking for articles on felicitous (there's another one!) words, and came across a delightful site: The 100 Most Beautiful Words in the English Language.

Writers, Readers, Word Lovers, do yourselves a favor and check it out! I had a blast just trying to pronounce some of them. And I thought there were several that should have been on the list. How about you? I'll share my words after some of you share yours.

Blessings--and beautiful words--to you today.



Hillary Manton Lodge said...

Interesting link, though I found some of the words to be head-scratchers. Bucolic? Really? I always thought it sounded like a disease. Ditto Cynosure and Scintilla. Fugacious looks kinda nasty on the page. And Denouement is technically French.

But ditto on Desultory, Ephemeral, Lilt, and Ravel. I nominate Cadence and Assauge...

Fun topic, thanks!

Cara Putman said...

Great words on that list. When I read the title of your post though, the words that came to mind were "I love you." Those are words that when they are said from the heart can change the world. Direct them toward God and we are changed. Direct them toward children and they are changed. Direct them toward a spouse and the future can change. Yikes! that got a tad poetic.

But then i looked at that list, and saw favorites like "becoming" "Dalliance" (although I like it more in the sense of taking a break from the everyday)...etc. :-)

Carol Cox said...

What a great list, Karen! And what a shame we don't see wonderful words like lissome and scintilla used very often. I wonder why that is? I think I'll go ponder the answer in some bucolic bungalow where I can brood about it in the inglenook. ;-)