Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Beautiful Word

I've been thinking about the beauty of words. How some words create images in and of themselves. And as I looked over the list of 100 Beautiful Words (see my previous blog), I realized there are words that speak beauty and nobility to me, words that contain so much meaning and emotion that I'm moved or challenged or convicted when they whisper through my mind and heart. Lately, one word has been doing all of that:


Even as I write it, I feel my heart move. So much is contained in that word. So much that has blessed people, so much that seems lost on today's world.

Before I go any further, though, I want to know what that word means/says to you.

What is integrity? Where do you see it? What does it mean to the world today?

Look forward to your thoughts!



Philangelus said...

To me, integrity means following through on all my commitments. Hand in hand with that is the notion that I mustn't commit to something I shouldn't be doing or can't do.

Teri Dawn Smith said...

Integrity means doing what is right even if no one is looking.

Dana Mentink said...

I am happy to see this word being bandied about because I think it gets lost in the "that's just the way I am" philosophy of the day. Integrity is doing what you believe to be the Godly thing, even when it's inconvenient. Even when it's uncomfortable. And most importantly, even when no one is looking.

Robin Caroll said...

IMHO, it means, living by the old adage "do what you say and say what you mean." It means honesty.

Sadly, it doesn't mean as much to the world today as when I was growing up. I see not only the breakdown of such traits as integrity, valor, bravery in today's world, but I also see the breakdown in families, churches and the basic family value has been lowered to a point where there's almost no moral compass, overall.

It breaks my heart.

Sharon Ball said...

What a great word to begin with. When I think about integrity, I think about doing what is right no matter what the consequences and no matter who is watching me. I can't tell you how many times I've said to myself, "God is watching you." This helps me to remember that sins the world considers "small or nonexistent" are still sins in the eyes of the Father. If I do what's right and pleasing to God then I store up treasure in heaven. I'll trade earthly rewards for heavenly rewards any and every day.

Pam Halter said...

I agree with Teri Dawn ... and would like to add to it. Doing the right thing even when no one is looking and being pleased to do it. No resentment or pride.

marci seither said...

A solid handshake. When your name meant something because of the true and honest intent of a person's character.

Cheryl Wyatt said...

To me, integrity means doing what's right even when no one is watching. I'll go further to say that a person with true integrity would do the right thing even if God weren't watching. Yet those who have an inherent sense that He is have an easier time adhering to their integrity I think.

Integrity boils down to choice in most situations.

It also is also that seatbelt securing us from treating people differently who can do nothing for us versus how we treat those who can...and to also do THAT when no one's watching.

Great discussion, Karen.


Anonymous said...

Integity is and always has been my husband. He learned it from his dad. And he learned it from his Heavenly Father, direct. My son has it, but only in a worldly sense. That is good in itself, but somehow, not enough... patti iverson

Sheryl said...

Integrity is that quality of one's character so unambiguous in its commitment to truth and uprightness that it flawlessly defines not only an individual's conduct and interpretation of personal responsibility, but also others' unwavering trust and certainty that it will not fail; implicit goodness in an explicit world; the God-shine in one's soul.