Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moments to Savor

I heard a quote in a movie yesterday that I've always liked, that always makes me stop and think:

"Live for today, for yesterday is gone forever, and tomorrow may never come."

Do you savor today? Do you take time each day to stop, even just for a moment? To look--really look--at the world around you?

To recognize the gift of each day?

I can't say I always remember to do that. But today, I did. Today I stopped. Not for long. Just for a few moments. I sat in our yard swing and looked around. And saw so much beauty!

In case you didn't get a chance to do the same today, here is a taste of what I encountered. May you find in these snapshots what I did: a reminder that the God of the universe loves beauty. And He loves to share that beauty with His favorite creation of all time: you and me.
Peonies, in all their splendor!

A peony visitor, and Columbine

Last year the woeful lack of honey bees meant almost no peaches or cherries. This year, the honey bees are back! And with them, our peaches and cherries! Yippee!

Don't know what the red flower is, but love it. And aforementioned honey bee visiting the lavendar.

California poppies went to town this year! Along with most of our other flowers. SO pretty!

Peace, all.



Lisa Buffaloe said...

Thank you for reminding us to savor the moment, and for sharing your beautiful photographs--visual blessings straight from God's hands.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, life would be so dismal without a lovely sit down outside praising the Lord and His creativity! It should be a commandment to take a pause that refreshes, for no other reason than to really seek and see the beauty right under our very noses--and we get sooooo busy with nothing, sigh... I'll be out on my swing today, fer shurrrre! Thanks, K! Patti

Christina Berry said...


Jennifer Lyn King said...

LOVE this, Karen! Thank you for sharing-- enjoy the gift of today! :) JK

Teri D. Smith said...

My first thought was that I need to move to your part of the country!

But then that would miss the point of your post. So I'm off now to savor a moment in my corner.

Thanks for the reminder.

angela said...

Today is a gift. That's why they call it the present.

Sharon Ball said...

What vivid pictures bursting with vibrant color. Your eye for photographing nature is amazing. I can't help but wonder...if flowers likes these are so beautiful on this sin-filled earth, how much more in heaven.