Friday, April 24, 2009

Mount Hermon Delights

If you're a writer, there's nothing more fun and uplifting than a writers' conference. Being surrounded by people of like minds (and insanity) is such a delight! So nice to not have to explain yourself when you say things like, "My hero won't get out of my head!" or "My antagonist just won't shut up this morning." Or to have people's eyes widen when you ask, "Are tarantulas poisonous? I'd like to kill a guy with one, but not quite sure if that will work."

My all-time fav writers conference is Mount Hermon Christian Writers' Conference. Happens every year, Thurs. to Tues., the week of Palm Sunday. Wonderful writers come, from attendees to faculty and staff. The setting--in the midst of the California Redwoods--is stunning. The spirit is powerful--so steeped in honoring God and each other. And the training that's available is unmatched. Plus it's the only conference (as far as I know) where there's a conference within the conference--the Career Track for published writers.

But most of all, I love the fellowship. So thought I'd share some pix to give you a taste. And if you're thinking about attending a writers' conference next year, make it Mount Hermon. You won't be sorry!

One more thing: why not make today Pray for Christian Camps day? It's been a tough year on them, too. Maybe tougher than a lot of us realize. Too many camps are closing down due to financial issues. So as God brings it to your mind, please offer a prayer that He will be with those camps still making it and help them to endure. Especially places like Mount Hermon, that have been around for so long, blessing people in His name!

Peace all!


Lori Benton and Marion Stroud, two dear friends

A panel of publishing pros fielding questions

The majestic Redwoods

Writers in the Career Track

Listening and learning!

Sally Stuart, Wendy Lawton, Yours Truly, & Janet Grant


angela said...

I would love to go. I got a scholarship from Cec Murphey for Write His Answer this year so I'm going to that, but usually I feel guilty if I think about going to a conference other than OCW. My in-laws live in Canby and love watching my kids while I attend. Anyway, I heard about Brandylin's practical joke at Mt. Hermon and saw Mary DeMuth's gorgeous pictures. Looks like a fabulous experience.

Oh, and should I really not ask strangers about killing off people with tarantulas?

Teri D. Smith said...

Wow, I so wanted to go. I'm going to have to budget for two writer's conferences per year.

The picture of the redwoods alone made me want to go!

Lori Benton said...

I second Karen's support of the Mount Hermon conference. I loved its laid-back atmosphere, the beauty, and the sense of support and encouragement that pervaded every single moment.

I blogged about my newbie experience at

Don't miss it next year!

Karen, you were instrumental in making this a wonderful experience for me. Thanks, pal.

Nicole said...

Karen, that pink or coral color is gorgeous on you!

Karen B. said...

Thanks, Nicole! I don't do pink, generally, but this color is my fav.

Terri, definitely budget for two! Mount Hermon is not to be missed.

Lori, it was my pleasure! Loved having you there.

Angela, I hear you, but it's worth it. For the teaching and for the contacts you make. And for all the fun we have!

Peace, friends.


Judy Gann said...

Karen, thank you for pouring all your time, effort, and expertise into the Career Track! It was fabulous, as always.

Lori, I so enjoyed meeting you.

Angela, start saving for Mount Hermon now. It's so worth it.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Speaking of insanity, I heard Jim Bell and someone els - I think it was Steve Laube - plotting a murder at the conference. Things like that are normal there!