Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lessons from the Raft

As promised...

Lessons from a Raft of Sea Lions
  • We all need a haven from the world, a place we can float and rest and lean on each other.
  • Everyone needs people they can be just a little crazy with.
  • Let someone lean on you when they're weary. Odds are good you'll have someone to lean on when you need it!
  • Floating in the world by yourself is risky and lonely. We're bigger and stronger and happier together.
  • Go ahead and bark! Those who care about you won't mind--and they may even join in.
  • The ride seems shorter when you share it with someone.
  • Even the coldest times in life are made warmer when we let those who care about us stay close.
  • Relax! You've got friends and family to hold you up. Just rest in God and know He's in control.
So now that you've heard the lessons and seen the pictures, here's a final treat: a video of the raft! You'll hear how windy the day was, but you can also hear the sea lions barking from time to time.




Merrie Destefano said...

Very cool, Karen!
And so appropriate for what people are going through right now. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing this--
: )

Karen B. said...

You're welcome! Glad you like it.


Susanne Lakin said...

Yes, well, you can tell my eyes are tired from writing all day. I thought you wrote "Eat someone, lean on them when you're weary." I think I need new glasses...on another note, we used to have tons of sea lions perched on our rocks at our coastal B&B. The males are the only ones that bark, and they'd head south for a month each summer (to Pier 39, no doubt!), and the "gals" got to have some peace and quiet in the sun. Isn't there a lesson in there for us?

Dineen A. Miller said...

Love your insights on the sea lions. God's creation is so rich. Amazing to think it's just a glimmer of what He intended. :-)

Teri D. Smith said...

Refreshing message from the sea lions!

Thanks for making my day brighter.

angela said...

This reminds me of a porcupine analogy. A bunch of porcupines got stuck in a field one night. The ones who bunched together got pricked, but they also stayed warm. It was the ones who went off by themselves to escape the needles that froze to death. This is how I see the church. We might prick each other, but we need each other.

Have a great day, Karen. Hope you get pricked by a few needles.