Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Old Dogs CAN Learn!

Okay, I've been editing for over 30 years, so you'd think there wasn't a lot left for me to learn. But today I've having a whole new experience: Editing on Skype.

The author I'm working with is Chris Heuertz, who has written a book on true community. His is a unique and challenging voice, and I can't wait to see what readers think of his book. But what's especially fun for me, is we're doing a Skype edit. So even as I type this, Chris is in a little screen on my monitor, and I can hear every moan and see every shake of his head.  And he, poor soul, has me parked in a little box on his monitor. As he has questions, he just asks them. As I need clarification while editing, I ask him. And if we disagree, we can debate to our hearts' content. 

It's been great! It's like being with him in person, but without the cost of a plane ticket or the stress of travel. Very cool. And the dialogue throughout the process has helped us both.

What's even more fun for me, Chris has been at a friend's house for the last hour or so to work, and his friend's German shorthaired pointer, Strider, is talking up a storm. With every doggie sound, my Corgi, who is on his pillow at my feet, perks up. So not only am I moving into a brave new technological world, but so is my dog.

It doesn't get better than this!

Peace--and new adventures--to you all!


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