Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A New Start

There is someone close to me, someone I love deeply, who is hurting today. He longs to reconnect with a family member who, many years ago, walked away. My loved one has felt the loss ever since, as though a part of him was ripped out, taken away to a place always just out of reach. Though he seldom talked about it, I knew he never gave up hope of a one-day reconciliation. Of relationship restored, hearts healed and forgiven. It's been a dream, a prayer, because he hasn't known where his beloved family member is. Not for years and years.

Until this weekend.

When my loved one told me what happened, I could only listen, amazed. He'd been at work, walking along, when he "heard" a voice whisper to him: "Today, you'll see her." He had no idea what that meant, and yet, deep within, he knew it was important. When he was able, he started searching the internet, not sure at first what he was even looking for. But the urging was there, to look for the one lost to him so long ago. He'd done that often, searched for this beloved one, always to no avail. But that night it was as though Someone had His hand on my loved one's fingers, guiding the search. And then...

The lost was found.

Right there, in front of him, a picture of his family member.

I don't know where all this will lead, if reconciliation is even possible. I pray it is. But regardless of what else happens, this truth has struck me deep:

God is at work.

Whatever longing dwells in our hearts, whatever hurts and regrets, whatever deep need pulls at us--He knows. And more than that, He's at work. For my loved one. For me. For you. He is, ever and always, concerned with whatever concerns us. Because we are--as inconceivable as this may be--precious to Him. To the God of the universe. The Creator of all.

And that, my friends, leaves me awestruck.

Peace to you.



christa said...

A story full of promise and hope and awe. Thanks for sharing this and for helping me remember that God, as my mother often said, never sleeps.

Sheryl said...

Karen's loved one is also my loved one, and my tears won't stop today. They're tears of pain, tears of love, tentative happy tears, tears of hope, and even a few tears from fear that I might get in God's way. I offer Him then my tears, along with my prayers, feeling, as Karen does, that God is is most certainly at work here. Praise God. I crave His peace.

Dineen A. Miller said...

Oh this just gave me chills! Wow, what a story! Thank you for sharing this. :-)

Kimberley Woodhouse said...

So powerful. A beautiful and gut wrenching reminder.

Brad G said...

Cliche as it has become, I know that the Lord truly does work in mysterious ways. I can't help but wonder...if contact information were known, could a link to this post, sent from an anonymous account, plant a seed in the heart of "the beloved" to be nurtured in His time? I only mention the possibility because I'm feeling led to do so.

James L. Rubart said...

You're back! :) !!!!

Karen B. said...

Hey, Brad. It's something to think and pray about. Thanks for the suggestion.

Sheryl said...

Karen, I join you in prayer that God will show us how He can use us to reach His child who's separated from the family He created. Brad's suggestion sounds possible; Clearly the Lord's hand is in the unfolding thus far.