Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thanks to Those Who Served

I love Memorial Day. Love seeing the flags flying, seeing all the movies on TV, seeing the Air Force doing fly-overs at the Veteran's cemetery. I love the fact that for an entire long weekend, the focus is finally where it belongs: on those who have fought and died to give us the freedoms we take for granted.

Too bad that focus doesn't last longer.

I know we're living in precarious times. And I know there are many who hate the war that we're in. But nothing gets me steamed faster than hearing people trash talk the military. Because these are amazing people. People who leave home and family and everything they know behind to put themselves on the line. For you. For me.

So in honor of our troops, I want to issue a challenge. For the next month, every time you hear mention of the war, political or religious views aside, take a moment to remember--and be grateful for--these people who are in harm's way. I plan to do exactly that, and to offer a prayer for their protection. May they all come home. Soon. And may they find, when they do so, a country that treats them with respect, gratitude, and admiration.

Oh, and if you feel like doing something more, here are a few sites to check out.

Soldier's Angels
Help a Military Family
Any Soldier

Peace, all. And God bless America and her troops.