Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I woke this morning to a symphony beyond compare.

Birds of all sizes and songs inhabited my budding trees and clung to the newly filled feeders,singing out their jubilation
as morning dawned. A gentle rain fell, tapping a call to come outside and play, to drink in the beauty of rebirth. Armed with a cup of Cocoa Chai tea, flanked by my 3 all-too-exuberant shadows
(don't my own dogs know I'm not a morning person??)--I stepped outside to greet the early morning.

And stopped in my tracks.

The fragrance of the rain, the earth, the budding flowers
was heady. No bottled attempt could ever duplicate the wondrous aromas that met me. I closed my eyes and drew it all in. As the cool air filled my lungs, I felt myself smile.

Good morning, Lord. What a beautiful day You've made.

Now I was as exuberant as my three shadows, and down the stairs I went, straight to the bulbs waiting to be planted. Within minutes they were all nestled in the damp earth, soaking up the rain and nutrients. I pulled off my gardening gloves, reclaimed my still-hot mug of coffee, and headed to the office, ready to tackle whatever awaited.

I don't know what magic Spring works on our hearts and spirits, but I'm grateful for it. And I pray you, too, will feel that magic today, wherever you are. May the beauty of God's creation, and the wonder of renewal, bless you richly.




Beth said...

I'm glad it's spring where you are - we just got another four inches of snow today!!!! I can't WAIT for warm weather again :-)

Barbara E Brink said...

Your words and pictures make me wish for spring, but I'm afraid it's still a ways off for us here in Minnesota. But I was excited to have 41 degrees. My Christmas day snowman's head melted off!

Nicole said...

The birds sang before daylight this morning! Glorious sound.

Love the pics.

Catherine West said...

If it ever stops raining long enough, I will definitely be getting outside in the garden. We have had a really strange, atypical winter here in Bermuda. Sounds funny to say, but I am longing for the sun!

Karen B. said...

Praying Spring comes soon for those of you still caught in winter. I lived just outside of Chicago for TWENTY YEARS, so I know how you feel. I'd always get so excited when I saw the first bit of green come March, but then another snow storm would blow through and we'd have to wait until after Easter for Spring. Makes it that much more amazing, now that I'm back home in Oregon, to see green and flowers all year round. Such a gift. But I do feel your pain, ladies. Truly. As for you, Catherine, I've always thought Bermuda was beautiful. Hope to go there some day!

Hugs, all.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words and pictures - thank you!
Today we saw an American Redstart in our garden fountain and a hummingbird on flowers that survived our Florida cold snap.
(My daughter said her breakfast spot was perfect for hummingbird viewing!)

Sharon Ball said...

I love spring! I can't wait to see the trees turn green again and I'm already seeing little buds starting to sprout on the branches. It's like watching a beautiful awakening of the earth.