Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anonymous Woes

Well, I've been spammed, big time. Or, more to the point, this blog has.

"Anonymous" is posting a gajillion comments to my blog posts, and they're all ads for SPAM. Most of them, anyway, I think I actually rejected/deleted a comment from a real person who was comment as Anonymous this morning. For that I'm sorry. So please know that if you post anonymously, there's a chance I'll delete you along with the blasted spam. And accept, ahead of time, my apologies.

I've discovered that the only way to head these creeps off is to require word verification, which means if you comment, you have to type in that weird symbol/word in a box. I'm so sorry to have to do that, but at this point don't see any alternative. Thanks for understanding!

Have a great, spam-free day.



Lynn Squire said...

Sorry you've been spammed. It's happened to me and it feels like an invasion of privacy . . . even though a blog isn't private. :)

Kind of like discovering you had an intruder who wrote nasty things all over your bathroom mirror.

Robin Lee said...

Karen, your regular blog readers are used to typing in codes on Blogger/Blogspot or on blogs that are on Typepad or WordPress, signing in with some other ID. This won't stop the conversation. And we've all had to add these steps to our blogs. I wish all those spammers would apply their know-how in positive ways, but that isn't likely to happen.

Barbara E Brink said...

I was thinking about doing that with my site also, even though I have yet to be spammed. I guess I'm just not as popular as you. But I have noticed that most blogs now do have the verification thing, so we are used to it.