Sunday, September 27, 2009

Got News?

I found an interesting report that shows the public today thinks the media is more wrong than right. You can review the report yourself, or listen to an interview about the report.

I remember the days when media reported news. When they dug in and found the facts, then disseminated it to us without bias. Walter Cronkite is still, to my mind, the quintessential reporter. He gave us the facts. Plain, simple, and powerfully true. And as a result, he was named in a poll as the "most trusted man in America." I can't think of anyone in the media today that I trust that much.

So what do you think? Where do you get your news and do you trust what you hear? How do we find journalists who report news rather than twist and turn it with commentary until you're not sure what's real and what's clearly bias? Is that even possible in today's abundantly opinionated world?

Let me know what you think.



Margo Carmichael said...

Hi, Karen,

Good to see you in Denver!

Along with the MSM, CNN and USA Today and such, I read Drudge Report and read and watch Fox, and I like a lot of the columnists at World Net Daily. I like Fox's panels of libs and conservatives and Bill O, Hannity, and yes, Glenn Beck. V@n J0nes resigned because of info Beck revealed. They all may go overboard at times, but what group doesn't? They all seem to present more facts and different opinions than the unified MSM, mainstream media. And I enjoy Rapture Ready, where they collect articles that could refer to Biblical prophecy. I really think a lot of people would vote differently if they read these along with what they're reading now:
Good question. I'm interested in what others say.

Nicole said...

IF I were to listen to or watch the news, it would be FOX. I'm a conservative so most cable channels, ABC, NBC, and CBS news stations slant to the left.

You can guess where I get the truth in reporting.

Lori Benton said...

Truthfully (ha), I don't watch TV news, or read the paper, or listen to news/talk radio, or visit news sites on line.* For the reason you mention, Karen. I don't know if I can believe them, and feel like I'm getting someone's slant--what they want me to believe and think.

Sure glad this world is not my home and my peace and security and hope don't rest on the ever-changing circumstances of this world--or the people that tell me their version of them.

*and yet I manage to pick up an amazing amount of "news" anyway, from those in my life who do.

Teri D. Smith said...

I read Drudge, but even there many of the links direct me to liberal news outlets. I also read Fox News online and a few other conservative news outlets. At least Fox does invite both sides to debate.

Loved you fun and informative late night chat at the ACFW conference. I'm currently reading Godin's book, Tribes.

Robin Caroll said...

It's not just the reporters doing the slanted. So many media owners are on a certain politician's team, that they demand reporters slant the "news" to benefit their friends. It never ceases to amaze me how the same story with the same set of facts given to various media outlets can be reported in so many different ways. Is there a way to correct this travesity of our times? Sadly, I can't think of one. As long as media outlets are privately owned, everything reported in that avenue can be ordered to be presented in a certain way.

marci seither said...

I am a Christian who writes for secular papers. I agree that the media has a slant, but when Christians leave secular media it creates a vaccuum. If it seems that the only ones reporting news are liberal left wingers it is because they make up most of the ones who are left. I pitch most of the stories I write. A few weeks ago I wrote a piece for Grandparent's Day- I interviewed people who were celebrating the 30 year old holiday for the first time. I purposely picked Christian couples and asked a local pastor's wife "What do you want your role to be as a grandma."
Her quotes were very inspirational as she explained her desire to be a grandma who prays. That story ran in two papers. The following week I wrote about the local tattoo parlor and an elderly Christian woman remarked , "Well, I hope you are going to give them a bad slant!"
I am sure she was disappointed with the story because it was balanced.
Being a good reporter and staying fair is not easy. It is important to always check to make sure that as it says in Colossians 3:17 "Whatever you do,whether in word or deed, do it ALL in the name of the Lord Jesus."

Nicole said...

Hurrah for Marci! We need more like you, but I can't stomach the so-called reporting in the major paper or TV news in our area or most of the cable channels. I admire your dedication and balance. God bless you.