Thursday, September 17, 2009

ACFW--Checking In!

We'll get back to Princess bride in a few days. Thought I'd fill you in on the ACFW conference here in Denver.

I'm sitting in my hotel room in the Denver Marriott Tech Center, looking out over the city. What a beautiful view. The weather's lovely--80s. MUCH nicer than the triple-digit weather I left back in Southern Oregon. The hotel is hoppin' with ACFW activity. It's so neat to walk into the lobby and hear the chatter and laughter, and to see all the hugs going round. A number of folks are in an early bird seminar with Donald Maas--which I'd planned to attend but can't because of work I need to get done. Waaahh! Oh well, I'm sure "the Don," as he's called, will be marvelous!

Got here late last night--plane was delayed in Portland, and then my trusted "Lucy," my name for Hertz's NeverLost, led me wrong! Couldn't believe it. Kept saying, "You have arrived," but the place I'd arrived at was a big office building. I told Lucy, "No, I HAVEN'T arrived," but she was no help. Finally texted Robin Caroll Miller: "HELP!!" Happily, hotel staff helped her lead me in. Turns out the driveway I wanted was the one just before where I'd turned. Sigh...

No sooner reached the hotel than I was met by the wonderful Robin Caroll Miller. Walked in the lobby door and there familiar faces everywhere. What fun! Didn't get dinner until 9 pm, but the company, as you can see, was a delight. Started out with just me and Robin Caroll Miller, then we were joined by Mary DeMuth, Randy Ingermanson, Tosca Lee, and Meredith Efken. The conversation was decidedly lively!

Mary, Randy, & Meredith

Robin, Mary, Randy, Meredith, Tosca

Anyway, will try to keep you posted as the conference goes on. Allen Arnold of Thomas Nelson and I are co-teaching the continuing education class for published writers: The University of Fiction. Can't wait!

Peace, all.



lisa samson said...

Tell everybody hello from Lisa!

Susanne Lakin said...

Hello from me too! Praying you all have a great time and God does amazing things for you all!

Robin Caroll said...

I just have to say...the continuing education class you and Allen taught ROCKED!