Saturday, April 18, 2009

Passion Nurturing Activities, Pt. 2

Ready for more? Then here we go. But prepare yourselves. This next one is hard:

* Accept the delays. I know, I know, we want to keep going. Progress. Reach the goal. But here's what I've learned in the midst of my journey: the detours ARE the journey. All those things getting in your way, those obstacles keeping you from accomplishing your goals? Maybe they're God's way of putting the brakes on what you're focused on so He can get you refocused. On Him. And His plans for you.

This lesson was especially hard for me to learn, but through it I discovered my life verse: Habakkuk 2:3—"Slowly, steadily, surely, the time is coming for the vision to be fulfilled. If it seems delayed, do not fret. It won’t be overdue even a single moment."

* Listen to the voice of the One who breathed your passion into you. Remember Elijah and his trip up the mountain? (If not, check out 1 Kings 19, 9-13). There was a mighty windstorm, and an earthquake, and a fire, but where was the voice of God? In “the sound of a gentle whisper.”

So how, you say, do I do that? How do I hear God's voice more clearly? Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Yeah, that's right. Silence. How much time do you spend in silence? Odds are good we all could use more. Try going on a silent retreat, either an organized one or one you set up yourself. Go away from everyday life, leave all the gadgets and technology at home, and spend time--real time--in silence. What's that? You'll fall asleep? Okay, so do so. Who knows? Maybe that's exactly what God is calling you to so He can speak to your heart while you're at rest.

Use Music. Find time to sit and just listen to music you love. Close your eyes and focus on the lyrics. Let music speak to you, draw you out of yourself and into God. (Want a suggestion for a great CD? Streams. Outstanding music, stirring lyrics.)

Next installment to come soon! Promise.



IDAhope Writers said...

A great reminder Karen. If life never interrupted my writing, I would probably have nothing to write about. And how would I ever be able to encourage others through their discouragement, if I've never been discouraged myself?

Teri D. Smith said...

Thanks for your encouragement to nurture our passion, including the hard one like accepting delays.

Like all good things God gives, us we must take time to nurture it or those thieves of passion will rob us.

I can't wait to read more.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous reminders - thank you.

Amy Boucher Pye

Lynn Squire said...

This is good. I needed this.