Friday, December 12, 2008

Need a Gift? Save a Bookseller!

Hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner. I usually get all my shopping done in January so I don't have to go near the mall or others stores from the beginning of December on. But I have ventured out a few times this week, and couldn't help notice how empty the stores seem. On the one hand, it's nice. Things aren't so crazy, so full of frantic people looking for that last-minute singing fish on a board for Uncle Buford. On the other hand, it just proves that this a tough year for a lot of folks. Especially booksellers. I'm hearing about more and more bookstores on the verge--or over it--of closing. One of my all-time favorite Christian bookstores in the Chicago area, John's Bookstore, closed it's doors. So sad. What a loss for all of us.

Some of my earliest memories are of roaming bookstores, of letting my pudgy little child-hand drift along the spine of all those wonderful books on the shelves. I still count bookstores as one of my treasured havens, places where I can go to savor the wonder of books and writing and words. It pains me to know so many are dying even as I type.

Roy Blount Jr. addresses this in his Christmas message to the Author's Guild. I think his idea on gift giving is great. Plan to put it into action even more than usual. And I encourage you, as you're able, to do so as well. Let's give a hand to these booksellers who have spent so much of their time, money, and energy on supplying us with a steady supply of wonderous, illuminating, uplifting books.




photoqueen said...

That's good. I like his letter. I posted about buying more books on my blog a few days ago.

I typically check books out from the library because I can't afford to buy all the books I want to read. However, they DO make great gifts!!

I especially like his point about birthdays coming up in the next year - why not buy NOW? I think I will, Karen.

Karen B. said...

Wonderful! And then you can always buy books and put them aside until that ADORABLE baby of yours can read.

Great picture!

photoqueen said...

Thank you! I have, as a matter of fact, bought books for her that I've set aside. I was shopping online and it was just too easy to click, click, click. When my order came and I realized just how MANY books I'd bought, I thought she'd like it just as well if she received some for her birthday and the rest for Christmas! :)