Saturday, September 6, 2008

History in the Making

There's one thing I always knew you could count on with my blog: you'd never read anything here about politics. Mainly because I hate politics. Hate listening to the speeches, hate the smear campaigns, hate the mean-spirited commercials (of COURSE you approved this stupid thing that tells us all how your opponent lies, can't be trusted, and probably pulls the wings off of flies!), and I completely, totally ABHOR the political pundit shows. Shoot, if I want to see people yell all over each other and be totally rude, I'll go to the playground and watch a bunch of preschoolers.

At least they're cute.

So imagine my surprise at finding myself sitting here writing a blog on...politics. Actually, though, it's not so much about politics as it is about a politician. And it's not so much about a politician as it is a miracle. Because that's what happened tonight.

What miracle, you ask? Just this: I listened to a politician give a speech...and I enjoyed it. More to the point, I believed it.

My hubby is the political one in our household. Well read and informed, he's my resource when I need to know both sides of an issue. (And the one I run from when he gets on a tear about that other party and how stupid and untrustworthy they all are...) I've always found politics to be less than inspiring and trust very little of what anyone says, regardless of his or her party. I figure it's like this: if a politician's mouth is moving and sound is coming out, it's a lie. Yup, politics is the one area in life where I can honestly say I'm a true-blue cynic. Until tonight.

Until Sarah Palin.

Oh, sure, I've listened to or read the media blasts the last few days, taking them with about a 100th of a grain of salt. And I've heard both glowing approval and sincere concerns about Palin from those in my little world. I figured it would be like any other political situation: we'd never know for certain who this woman was. After all, she's a politician. Which is why I had no intention of listening to her speech to the Republican National Convention Wednesday night.

But we had dinner late. And as scandalous as it may seem to some, we eat dinner in our recliners, watching TV. Both my dad and my hubby, much to my chagrin, wanted to hear Palin (at least I got to switch over to the Andy Griffith Show while Giuliani talked...), and I couldn't eat fast enough to get out of the room before Palin stepped up to the podium. Know what?

I'm glad.

Because the woman I heard was a bright, funny, poised mother and professional who spoke with a sincerity--and spunk!--I have seldom heard from any politician. I not only liked what she had to say and the way she said it, by the time she was about halfway into her speech, I liked her. A great deal.

On the heels of that realization came another, which is really the point of this blog.

We're watching history in the making, folks.
The first African-American presidential nominee;
The first Republican woman vice presidential nominee;
a country divided over war and ravaged by financial downturns; a people who seem to have lost all respect for the most powerful office not only in our nation, but in the world; a world that's lost its way spiritually. The days we're in are hard and ugly and seemingly hopeless, and the choices we make in the coming months may well change the course of our country--our world--forever.

So take a minute in the midst of all the hoopla, of the weariness and worry, of the increasing chaos, and realize what's happening right in front of us. Historical moments. Moments our children and grandchildren will read about and study. And take time today to pray.

For your country.
For those in the presidential race.
For those deciding whom to elect.
But most of all, that God's will be done. And ask Him to keep His hand on this country and turn it back to His truth and right. That He will show this weary, hurting world that there is hope--GREAT hope--in Him.

Because what really matters isn't who is in the White House ,

but Who is on the throne.

Peace to you today.


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Christina Berry said...

Well said, especially the last line! I'm looking forward to seeing you again, this time at ACFW. I'll be looking very closely for any bite marks from dogs you meet on the airplane, at the hotel, etc ... ;-)

Karen B. said...

LOL! Well, Christina, when you think about it, I've been around dogs since I was two, and have had a total of four bites (two serious)in lo, these 51 that's not so bad! Especially since three of the bites were pretty much my fault for doing things I know better than to do. Sigh...

Ain't it grand to be a klutz??


Beth said...

As I read the first paragraph I thought, "Did I write this?" :-)

Amen, Karen - you nailed it!

Karen B. said...

Thanks, Beth!

Nicole said...

Indeed and Amen.