Friday, August 1, 2008

ChiLibris Novelists' Retreat pix, at long last!

Okay, I promised I'd give you pix from the ChiLibris retreat, and here they be:

The wonderful Susan May Warren. She's almost as crazy as I am!

Mark Mynheir--a real sweetheart of a guy--and Kathy and Paul Herman

Terri Blackstock and Francine Rivers, getting tickled!

Look who got the color memo! The "Green Girls": Me, Neta Jackson, and Robin Lee Hatcher

Mugging for the camera: Angela Hunt, yours truly, and Francine Rivers

One of my all-time favorite authors and people:

Randy Alcorn

Creston Mapes watching Neta Jackson set her inner imp free

Speculative fiction author Sharon Hinck with Cara Putnam's baby girl, Rebecca. I got to sing Rebecca to sleep during one of the sessions when she got fussy. Cara has dubbed me the "baby whisperer." How cool is that? I wasn't sure she'd let me keep the name, though, when I told her how I did it: by stroking the same spot on Rebecca's face that I stroke to put my Siberian puppy to sleep!

So that gives you a peek into the great fellowship we got to enjoy. In my next entry, I'll give you a glimpse of what happens when we're turned loose on our hotel for a race to see who can be most creative in the least amount of time--so stay tuned.

Peace to you.


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