Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nature: A Window Into God's Creative Genius

How can anyone look at the beauty of nature

and doubt it came from anywhere but the hand of a loving Creator? Astonishes me. The intricacies, the interconnectedness, the way it came from a blob of ooze crawling out of a pond. And we see that Creator's heart reflected in people who create beauty as well. Be it classic or contemporary art, or a unique and playful way to bring beauty and imagination to life, the urge we feel to create stems not from some evolutionary development, but from the truth that we are made in God's image, inside and out.

My older brother sent me a video that illustrates this...well, beautifully. The beauty here is twofold: the nature of the surroundings, and the engineering brilliance that created a path through it. I don't generally mind heights, and I've got a bit of an adventurer's spirit, but I gotta say, couldn't pay me enough to walk this path.

Take a look, and be awed at the wonder of creativity, both from God's hand and the hand of His children.

Peace to you today--


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